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The constant threat of advanced cyberattacks puts financial services at risk, making data protection crucial. Even a minor breach can have widespread repercussions. Shockingly, cybercriminals stole over $10 billion in 2022 alone, according to the FBI1.

*$200 in cash will be issued via Visa or Mastercard gift card once a demo is completed.
[1] "Cybercrime Losses Exceeded $10 Billion in 2022: FBI," SecurityWeek

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Adlumin is a proud to be an ICBA Preferred Service Provider.

Adlumin's patented, cloud-native Security Operations Platform empowers financial institutions to regain control over their security and compliance. Streamlining data analysis and workflows, the platform uncovers hidden cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and IT operations, providing a clear path to response and compliance.


EDR vs. XDR vs. MDR: The Cybersecurity ABCs Explained

Explore the differences between the three primary threat detection and response solutions (EDR, XDR, MDR)
and how to choose the right one for your organization's needs with a limited budget and resources.
 Automate risk assessments with real-time vulnerability management to ensure compliance. Don’t Be Caught in the Dark. Let Adlumin light the way.

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Cybersecurity AI

Discover the power of AI in cybersecurity with this guide. Learn how integrating AI revolutionizes your SOC for threat detection and response. Gain valuable insights into responsible AI implementation with Adlumin’s strategic cybersecurity recommendations.



Why Cybercrime is on the Rise — with James Anderson & Robert Johnston

In this podcast episode presented by ICBA, industry leaders at Adlumin Inc. and Kitsap Bank discuss the crucial importance of understanding cybersecurity fundamentals. Learn how mastering these essentials can eliminate 85% of potential threats, ensuring maximum security for your financial institution.



CNB Bank & Trust Seek New Cybersecurity Solution

CNB Bank and Trust chose Adlumin as their new cybersecurity solution after evaluating various options. Adlumin stood out in effectively protecting the organization, employees, and customers.


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"Quick and easy deployment with powerful results."
"I sleep better knowing Adlumin is watching for security events 24/7." - Ross F., Associate IT Director, Enterprise
“The SIEM You Need”
"[Adlumin's] innovative solutions have helped us enhance our security posture and mitigate potential risks. Their platform’s advanced features and intuitive interface have made it easy for our team to manage and monitor our security operations seamlessly." - Edgar S., Mid-Market Customer
"We have gotten a lot out of Adlumin."
"We have a better picture of our users, changes made to users, and important systems files. We feel we get good SOC service and the additional info about our users is better than what we had before." - John S., Systems Engineer

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Adlumin’s Security Operations Platform is a full-scale solution that empowers you to take command of your IT operations. Learn about our speedy deployment, unmatched visibility, and context to make informed decisions immediately.



Adlumin Inc. is a Security Operations Platform plus MDR Services. The platform focuses on advanced cyber threats, system vulnerabilities, and sprawling IT operations to command greater visibility, stop threats, and reduce your business risk. Illuminate Threats, Eliminate Risks, and Command Authority with Adlumin.